MT Photo Experience

We combine photo shooting function into different high technology to create the most unbelievable photo shooting experience to you.

Photo taking with interactive screen
AR Motion Photo Experience
Chroma Key
Instagram Hashtag Printing

Photo Taking with Interactive Screen

Visitor can take a picture and write a message to the people by using iPad. Then, their picture will show on the interactive big screen to create a message wall to welcome all of the visitors. It is interesting to express your feeling in the event such as annual dinner and wedding.

How to Play?

  • Visitor use the iPad to sign their name and take a photo.

  • Then, their name and photo will show on the big photo gallery.

  • It is an innovative way for guest to express their happiness to others.


AR Motion Photo Experience

Combining AR technology and Kinect enable the user to control and interact with the AR elements. Integrated the photo shooting function into the game experience, it enhances the user experience and leave the funny moment in the picture.

How to Play?

  • When the player enter to the play area, the screen will show a AR object to him.

  • Then, they can play the motion game followed by the instructions which show in the screen.

  • After playing the game, play can take a photos and collect it by scanning the QR code.


Chroma Key

Post-production technique for compositing two images or video streams together based on color hues. The technique has been used heavily in many fields to remove a background from the subject of a photo or video – particularly the news casting, motion picture and videogame industries. With interactive background animation you can immersive yourself into the dream place.

How to Play?

  • Preset a solid colored background

  • Take photo or video in front of the green backdrop

  • Received the photo or video by email
    1. Only available on indoor event or provide indoor environment
    2. Provide a balance lighting environment


Instagram Hashtag Printing

Instagram is the world's most popular photo sharing social platform. Using instant hashtag printing technology create you the most interesting experience for photo taking. It is suitable for any events. Let's enjoy this trendy photo machine with us.

How to Play?

  • You can personalize your hashtag

  • Take a photo

  • Upload the photo to Instagram with personalized hashtag

  • Pick your photo in Instagram Print Station